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I have been a headshot photographer, for actors, for over decade now and my oh my how the style has changed. Or maybe it is my style that has changed. I shoot modern, creative, diverse and character driven headshots for my actors headshot sessions. No boring, flat, white studio backdrop, 5 lights, glossy, airbrushed, magazine headshots. Mine are real and believe me that is what you want.


I have been involved and working within Theatre, TV and Film since I was 18. As a result I am lucky enough to have a wide range of insider knowledge. I know what the casting directors are looking for. What is suitable for theatre and what for TV. And most of all I give my clients a huge variety of images including classic theatre, creative modern and ofcourse leaning towards any typecasting or character work. I work all the angles, use natural light, different backdrops. I  coach my actors through expressions and we do drama exercises to keep each look fresh.

Perhaps most important of all is that we take our time during our sessions. No 15 minutes in and out a few deer in the headlamps snaps and you’re done. I don’t know how may times I have heard that tale and every time the client was disappointed with their images. I have never had that problem. And it is all down to my techniques, the way I shoot, the atmosphere as well as the results!


Traceys session was a prime example. I have known Tracey for 6 years, we worked together at the Lyric Theatre, where she was a fantastic Stage Manager. What I wasn’t aware of is what a wonderful actress she is as well. As I’m a Belfast headshot photographer, she approached me and I was thrilled to hear she would be starring in an upcoming performance of ‘The Vagina Monologues’, at The Lyric Theatre Belfast. As she has been working behind the scenes for years she was, understandably, very nervous. And to be fair, a lot of the very experienced actors I work with still get nervous. It is completely natural.

To calm these nerves and above all to bring the room back to a level of creativity and chill I play some decent tunes. We sat down, we had a nice chat, talking about the way I will be shooting, what she wants to get from the session. Furthermore she gets my assurance that I will be coaching her through the session and finally that we will be constantly reviewing the images as we work. It is a collaboration!


So after the first 10-15 shots we really started getting into it. It usually takes this amount of time, with everyone, to relax. It is like the warm up to a work out. After this we get a lot more creative looks. Tracey was enjoying my process,  The confidence was on the up and she realised she is nailing it (as you can tell by the images). All that tension just leaves the body. We swap directions, I stand on chairs (I am fairly short after all) and we work together to create beautiful headshots with dramatic flare and creative feels.

I always find it helps my clients to see their images as we work. To see where they are holding tension or just to show them how a slight change in angle can completely transform an image. It was wonderful to see Tracey unfold before the camera. Using my coaching and techniques she totally morphed, we had such amazing results, different attitudes and character. And we were both utterly chuffed with the results.

The Results

The headshots are fantastic. Tracey got incredible feedback from the theatre director, the rest of the cast and people who saw the headshots in the Show Program. Also I just love it when my clients leave feeling satisfied. Because they were creatively fulfilled and consequently they are just dying to see the images. Your headshots are barely touched up, I use very minimal editing. Your headshot images must look like you and that wasn’t an issue with beautiful Tracey. You can physically see her confidence grow through the series of images. A natural beauty inside and out. Traceys session was an absolute pleasure and certainly made me love being a headshot photographer even more. Whats more? I got a bunch of new bookings straight off of this one session!

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