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I was lucky enough to take an early December trip in between photography jobs in Ireland to the stunning Edinburgh. Travel photography is something that sparked my interest when I was a child and definitely paved my way to the job. Edinburgh is city I have always wanted to visit and it did not disappoint.

Our first stop had to be the castle, my love for history and scenic views had to be satisfied! As a photographer I can’t help but explore Edinburgh through my Nikon camera. And using my handy, traveled 18-140mm zoom lense, I was spoiled with skies, beautiful architecture and festive Christmas atmosphere.


I always love a good night time shot. It can be difficult sometimes to capture any atmosphere or sense of excitement at night, they tend to be serene images. But with Christmas markets in abundance I didn’t have that problem and this quick snap is one of my favourites to capture the memories of the trip.

I captured this with my Nikon d5300 with the 18-140mm zoom lense at 27mm. Keeping my ISO low at 250, f/4 and exposure was 1/8 sec. I love the way the trees are lit up and the array of colours against a dark sky really emphasise the fun and energy of the image.

And what would Edinburgh be without some traditional Scottish music!

Edinburgh 121-3

Harry Potter

It was a perfect mini trip away, filled with adventures, lots of Guinness in beautiful old traditional pubs, portrait gallerys, the royal Edinburgh museum (which took 3 hours for us to complete 1 of their 7 floors!), amazing food, icluding veggie hagis which i had never tried before and all things Harry potter I could find. Yes I am the biggest Harry Potter geek, no shame here. So getting to visit the cafe where J.K Rowling wrote the first book was such a dream and it was covered in Harry Potter graffiti. I didn’t try out the entrance to the ministry as we all know that’s in London. Nice try! But there were some really beautiful messages and some of my favourite quotes on the wall. I love how one good story ca bond so many peoople from all over the world ❤

I also got to make friends with Hazel the Eurasian eagle owl, we paid a small donation towards their sanctuary and I got 5-10 blissful minutes with this beautiful bird. She has the prettiest eyes and we cosyed together against the cold Scottish wind.


It was a lovely trip and Edinburgh is now one of my very favourite places. I can only hope for more adventures in 2018!

Have any of you visited Edinburgh? What was your favourite part?


Em x

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