Belfast in winter

I woke up to snow, frost and a beautiful sunrise in belfast today. Nothing makes me happier than photographing a good sky. Even if, like these images, it’s just on my samsung phone instead of my Nikon DSLR.

Belfast is generally known to be a bit rainy and miserable which you would think is a professional photographers nightmare, especially if you shoot outdoors so often as I do.

But I’ve always found the weather to be lovely, yes it rains, but it usually passes over then you are blessed with a pretty blue sky and the coveted ‘golden hour’ light. Nothing tends to stop me and my nifty Nikon from getting outdoors and exploring. I love to use natural light as much as possible, it’s so much softer and more flattering than my studio lightheads, even with my softbox attachment. So a ground covered in snow is natures best reflector, bouncing that soft light at ever angle.

Plus is there a cuter family photograph than building snowmen and having snowball fights?! I dont think so. Styling a winter themed session is always fun. The children in their woolly bobble hats bopping along in the snow. Big chunky knit scarfs.  You can’t beat that rosey glow or the huge natural smiles that come from a day of adventure.

Ah the snow fall has started again! Today I am going to Lisburn to facilitate a fun and festive workshop. I can’t wait to see the kids happy faces , Christmas is coming and snow is already here.


Em x

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