The Location

I was so excited when Rachel and Adam told me their chosen location for their engagement photoshoot. The Ulster Folk Museum was at that point, a place I kept meaning to visit but hadn’t made it to. And my oh my did we get the perfect day for our adventure. Bright blue skies and the amazing scenery of the old houses, cottages and grounds. It is always great when a couple chooses a location for their engagement photoshoot that means something to them. As Rachel and Adam had originally wanted to have their wedding at the Folk Museum it was a fantastic way of bringing it in to their celebrations.

The couple

Every couple is different. And I always work with and for them. Their personalities and their relationship rather than forcing poses or situations on them which I think would be a great image but doesn’t reflect them at all. That is something I see so often in photography nowadays. Cheesy, over choreographed and unrealistic images that would intimidate or be ridiculous to most couples .

I work differently. We chat and laugh, you wander and I capture the images. Minimal posing. Maximum authenticity. Rachel and Adam have been together for over 8 years. So they have been through so many stages of their relationship. They are much more comfortable being sarcastic and taking the piss out of each other that being super romantic or cuddly. Especially in public. So it was the ultimate day of chilled out, down to earth fun. And I feel so grateful that my couples are always so cool and so up for an adventure.

the ring

Since it was my first time meeting my couple in person, we took our time wandering around, exploring old churches, school houses, the gardens and so on. This meant I could try out different angles, different backgrounds and get Rachel and Adam as many natural images for their engagement photoshoot as possible. They told me they didn’t want glamourous shots, no lifts, or cuddling on the floor. Just them being them. Oh and they are obsessed with rings shots! Well they just happen to be one of my favourite images to capture in an engagement photoshoot. Challenge accepted thinks I. “Oh you got it” I said.

What an utterly stunning engagement ring Adam got for his love, right? If you notice the triangular cage formation of diamonds, under the diamond cluster on top, it holds a sapphire underneath! So special and so glam. It was also a great opportunity of showing off their epic tattoos especially Adams. As the partner of a tattoo artist I have a serious love for tattoo art and love it when I get capture it in my work.


Love to laugh

It can be a bit nerve wracking to have your photograph taken, I am not a huge fan of it myself. That’s why I like to be behind the lense. So having your engagement photoshoot in such a busy spot was a brave move by my couple I think. But they took it all in the stride. Laughed at every opportunity and even helped out in the quest of a local scout group (getting a piggy back off a stranger with a photo to prove it).

You may notice a fair few images in and outside the old cottages and we may have had an ulterior motive there. I mean it was my favourite backdrop for images but they also had freshly made soda bread inside which they kept force feeding us! Lathered in butter. We actually made the rounds of all the cottages and farm houses that were giving it out haha shameless.

Archways & abacus

Exploring every inch of our location made for a beautiful variety of images for Rachel and Adam. The archways by the old cottage to framed windows from the workers houses built in Sandy Row hundreds of years ago and of course doorways and trees! We found an abacus in the old school house and added up the number of days until the wedding. And I found myself, as I very often do, climbing walls and trees to get the shot I wanted. It was a perfect morning engagement photoshoot. As Rachel and Adam left to head to a family BBQ I decided to stay and walk the countryside around the main museum. Horse friends were made, I learned how to weave a basket and I found even more farm houses with soda bread!




Em x




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