A little bit about me

Hey I’m Emma, Em to my friends and Emma Louise when I’m in trouble. I am from Lancashire, in the north west of England, where all men sound like Sean Bean and we have our own delightful dialect including things such as;

‘clempt’ (hungry),

‘Am frozan dee’uth’ (I’m cold),

‘put wood in’th – ole’ (please close the door),

and my personal favourite

‘Eaw fot speyk reet’ (he ought to speak properly) –

You’re welcome.

So I studied and worked in film and tv in Manchester (United before you ask) then left to concentrate on my own photography buisness which led to a jump over the sea to Belfast in 2012!

I live with in a house in Belfast with my best pal Charlie (a Beagador extrordinaire) which homes my studio! I also facilitate digital and traditional art workshops around Northern Ireland with children and young adults who don’t have access to the arts. It’s genuinely amazing. I travel to as many places as I possibly can. And I pour a mean pint of Guinness (see evidence below).

What first got me behind the camera? Well a complete phobia of posing in front of it. And it is this aversion towards forced smiles and awkward poses that has developed the approach I bring to photography today. I spend most if my life taking pictures BUT when not hiding behind the lens I listen to music…lots and lots of music.

Ahl si thi  – (see you soon)


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