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I am so lucky to be a Northern Ireland Newborn Photographer. Surrounded by sleepy, scrunchy faced, squishy, adorable new babies, with the cheeks! And the toes! It is heaven.


Here are The Little Stories we like to do things a little differently. We offer bespoke Home Studio and In-Home session, custom designed around you and your little one. Using my creative skills, professional training and 15 years of experience combined with my beautiful, carefully curated selection of props, wraps and vintage fabrics to style a stunning newborn session. Unique to you.

The sessions are so creative, filled with giggles, wriggles, beautiful colours and jam packed with the sweetest, cutest moments that you never forget. I love that we custom create each session for your family. Mixing baby posing, styled set ups and documenting natural lifestyle images to give you a stunning selection of photographs. Siblings and mum and dad are welcome to join in during the session, so we can capture those beautiful, intimate, honest moments of connection.

Investing in newborn photography for your little bundle of joy is one that you will never regret. Your images will be treasured by you and your loved ones for generations to come. My style is natural, modern and authentic, filled with gorgeous earthy tones, pops of rich colour, florals and beautiful textures. We capture those real, natural moments in a artistic, safe and thoughtful way.


Newborn photography sessions are best during the first three weeks. In these first few days baby is the smallest they will ever be, still has got the newborn curl, sleep most of the time and don’t mind too much when they are being posed in various ways. In order to capture those adorable sleeping baby portraits, the younger the newborn baby is the better.

However that doesn’t mean it can’t be done later. I have photographed newborns at 12 weeks +. My sessions are baby led, meaning I follow the babies lead, if they want to stretch out, I let them. Or don’t enjoy being wrapped in a certain position, we don’t do it. We follow the natural movements, the interactions, meaning every session is unique! If you have any requests, outfits you would like to be included, toys or particular shots, just let me know and I will do my best to capture them for you.

Our newborn photoshoots are relaxed and cosy for parents, baby and myself. I don’t like to rush my sessions and will work around you and your baby, taking breaks to feed or change. It’s a special time, no need to race through it. And I know how quickly time passes so I gently work with your baby to get images that I hope you’ll love, forever.

Each booking includes;

A pre-shoot planning consultation on colour themes, style, locations etc (provided via email). Your personalised session, which will take 2 hours, allowing for time for soothing, feeding, wrapping and of course, taking beautiful images. If there are any images you particularly want, just let me know during the session and I will do my best to accommodate them.

You receive a personalised, password protected online gallery, beautifully displaying the 50 professionally edited images from your session and decide which images you would like to purchase. Plus you can download and share your chosen photographs with family and friends.  You are also getting my time, creativity, over a decade of experience, my collection of stunning handmade props and fabrics to use, my training and unique artistic eye.

All this for just £100. Ooofff that’s good.


Standard Newborn Session fees, including the online gallery, are £100.  So you are going to want to purchase some stunning images of your little one right? Yes, if you love these little human beans as much as me. And I don’t like hidden costs.  Here are your purchase bundle options;

15 digital images – £75
35 digital images – £120
ALL your digital images ( approx 50) – £160

Or you can cut all that out and just book my ‘NO FUSS’ newborn sessions. £200, ALL IN. That’s sessions fees, 50 images professionally edited, basically everything above but no agonising over choosing images or waiting around. Downloadable, as many times as you can fit into a week, directly from your online gallery. Plus a saving of £60! Sweet deal if you ask me.

Any extra time needed on any session, is charged at £75 per hour and £40 per half hour.

When to book:

It is never too early to book your Northern Ireland newborn photographer session. I take bookings a couple months in advance so the earlier the better to avoid disappointment. However, if you are late getting in touch, don’t worry.  It’s always worth checking if a slot has become available, even if you have just had your baby.

Newborns are unpredictable. What I ask is that you get in touch well before your baby arrives so that I can add your due date to my diary, and I will reserve time for your baby’s arrival. Once your baby has arrived, we can then arrange the exact day and time of the session. For mums with a scheduled C section/induction, we can agree a session date ahead of time.

Safety of your baby is key therefore I practice and advocate safe posing techniques at all times.   I will never undertake any posing that I feel cannot be achieved in a safe way for your baby.

For bookings and enquiries please send me a quick message here >>

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