Belfast Headshot Photographer

I’m a professional headshot photographer. My whole business started out by taking headshots of actors back in Manchester, 15 years ago. Then at The Lyric Theatre, when I moved to Belfast.

I work with actors headshots, professional corporate headshots and personal branding. Typically I create fresh, modern headshots for creatives and professionals. Also I shoot location headshots, in clients homes, office/work sessions and of course in my Belfast home studio.

I’ve work with a wide range of clients. From lawyers, authors and actors, producers, professionals needing corporate images to musicians and also creatives in need of personal branding shots. All session will be a little different depending on what you need. Actors headshots session are very different than social branding or corporate, for example.

Your Belfast headshot photography session usually takes place in my studio, in East Belfast. But I also shoot headshots on location. So every session is bespoke created to suit my client.

My Approach to Portraits

Nearly everyone I work with says “I hate having my photo taken”  at some point during our session and so do I. It’s my job to make you hate it a little less, to in fact fall a little in love with your images. I love it when my clients leave saying “I actually had fun”.

Every headshot session I work on is a little bit different. I work in collaboration with my clients and bring my 15 years of experience in the industry to every headshot session.  Either way my Belfast headshot photographer sessions are stress free and fun.


Emma Gornall Photography Headshot sessions are relaxed and unpressured. They take place either in my Belfast studio, in work premises or outdoors.

Headshots are classic portraits, with good natural lighting, composition and expression. Not over edited portraits or editorial shots. They will have some editing to remove spots or temporary blemishes, but will not be overly airbrushed or fundamentally changed from the original. The aim is to get a striking and engaging photograph that really looks like you. This is particularly true for my actors, my headshots are there to get you in the audition room, to show off your range and talents. Your headshots are modern but timeless, not following trends or creating over stylised images designed for magazines. I work closely with casting directors and deliver what I know they are looking for.

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We will start with a chat. I capture the real you best, by getting to know you. If you’re unsure as to which poses or angles are most photogenic I will coach you as to how to sit and stand. Also I will give you direction as to what expressions work best and how to look and feel relaxed. But most importantly I create many different looks so we have a great variety of images.

You will be able to see what we are capturing as we go along, make changes, try something different. We work in collaboration, creating images that are professional, modern and with a friendly ease.


Headshot sessions last approximately 45 minutes. The session price is £80 and includes all post production work and 5 images.


So most people prepare for their headshots by making sure they are well rested and have had a recent haircut or hairstyle. I recommend bringing a good selection of ironed clothes, no logos or busy patterns. But don’t be afraid of colour!  Show off your personal style.

If you would like to book or just to find out more please get in touch, because I want to take a picture of your face.


T H E    O U T T AK ES

A little artistic extra I like to create during actors headshot sessions. Agents love them and they show off a bit of personality for your spotlight profile.

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