Mark, Melinda & Bump | Belfast In Home Maternity Photographer


My favourite thing about being a maternity photographer is that every photoshoot is different. Different people, different styles, personalities, locations, light! It makes every session new and exciting and allows my work to truly reflect my clients and their journies. Not simply throwing out the same shots time and time again with different people as stand ins. It is the same with all of my photographyy sessions. Individuality.

Melinda and Mark invited me to their home earlier this year (before the madness) to document their love, the start of this amazing journey and celebrating the incredible change and transitions in Melinda. The beauty, the magic of womens bodies and how we can create. I will never not be blown away. Capturing your stories as your Maternity Photographer is such an honour to me.

So,using their gorgeous apartment (I wasn’t joking when I said I wanted to use it as a studio guys), the natural light and the sheer joy and love just radiating rom these two lovelies, we captured this stunning gallery. I brought kimonos, we stole Marks shirts, he gave me ladders when I wanted to get shots from above, there were cat cameos PLUS they made me sticky toffee pudding coffee! Heaven.

It was wonderful collaboration. They were so open and generous with themselves, never holding back. That’s why they got such a beautiful, emotive gallery, that will take them right back to these perfect moments. And fluffy cats.




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