Every wedding is a different, that’s what keeps things fun and exciting for a wedding photographer. Sometimes I am with you guys for 12 + hours, dancing the night away with you. Sometimes, like with Rachel and Michaels Belfast Wedding, I have a half day, just a few hours to capture those stunning details, meaningful moments and once in a lifetime memories.

A family member was photographing the rest of the day and I was totally honoured to be trusted with the morning preperations and departures. Rachel and I had spoken about how important those family connections are, her daddy seeing her in her dress for the first time, her mum holding her hand, Michaels proud parents, the laughter with his groomsmen.

Did I mention there was a dog in a suit!

I started off the day with the boys, including the most chilled out groom I have ever seen. Guess there is nothing to be nervous about whenyou are marrying your best friend. So I was being force fed chocolate covered strawberries and coffee andmaking friends with the dog. Gosh my jobs tough. Then the stunning button holes from the incredible Inscape Flowers arrived and I was wowed. This belfast wedding photographer also doubles as a stylist. I was helping the guys work out how to wear them was a riot and then we were all in enough giggles to go out and get some funny group shots. I squeezed in some peaky blinders esque shots of the groomsmen looking epic, backlit by the morning sun. Then the cars arrived and they were off!

And my favourite moment?

When the neighbours came running out to hug and congratulation Michael. They have known him since he was a kid, watched him grow up and now it was his big day. Quick dash across town and this beautiful moment was mirrored over at Rachels. Where the street came out cheer her as she got in the car to leave for the cathedral. Who is cutting onions damnit.

I spent my time with the girls with my jaw on the ground because of the incredible bridal bouquet and Rachels unbelievable Justin Alexander gown. She asked for dress details and girl you got it. So many beautiful moments were captured. The proud and happy looks on her bridesmaids faces. Her mum holding her hand, steadying those nerves. The smile on Rachels face when she shes her Dad, him bursting with love and pride.

So much love captured in a short amount of time. I was quite jealous I couldn;t follow them for the rest of the day.

Check out the gorgeous gallery from this Belfast Wedding and get in touch if you are getting married! I would love to be part of your day.



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