Being a wedding photographer

is pretty special. Being a part of a couples most special day. I had the total pleasure of capturing the wedding of Mel and Peter back in May (I know, I am the WORST at blogging) at the beautiful and newly renovated Leighinmohr House Hotel.  A boutique hotel in Ballymena (hey). I was so excited to shoot at this venue as they have a new riverside garden and I took full advantage of it on our spring May day. Water, gardens, forest backdrops, romance oh stop it, it’s all too much for this Northern Ireland wedding photographer!

The couple and their guests enjoyed a red carpet arrival (ooer indeed), the stunning renovated ballroom and such a dedicated team to look after us all day. Pretty details covered the hotel for the wedding (they only host 1 per day so all their attention is on you, wooop!). From the reception to the ceremony room to the dinner and dancing in the ballroom. Everything ran smoothly and the Leighinmohr house hotel wedding staff were so helpful and organised. Everything you want from your venue so you can enjoy the day!

I started my day

by heading over to the boys at the Adair Arms Hotel, having the banter, capturing the amazing handmade details for the groomsmen and watching Peter struggle to do a Windsor Knot. Then laughing my head off as he followed the youtube tutorial from ‘My Nice Tie’. He also had a card to read from his Bride To Be which was both love filled and hilarious. Keep an eye out for the moment he tried to escape and left us all in hysterics!

Then I made my way

to the wonderful madness that is mornings with the girls. This lot were so fun, full of love and laughter and most importantly 150% there for their girl Mel. I spent the first 5 minutes gawping over Mels stunning dress. Then the glittery bridesmaids dresses and all the amazing thoughtful details. Like the personalised reusable coffee cups, the Claddagh pillow, the named and dated wedding shoes and the sparkly sandles for dancing in later. I love a well prepared bride. Check out the photographs for the moment a little angel proposed to me!

Mel got into her stunning gown, with help from the bride squad. Threw some T-Rex arms my way, then it was time to say I DO and the nerves kicked in.


The rest of the day

was a blast, heartfilled ceremony, the funniest speaches and impromtu moments from Mel and Peters kids that had us all in fits of giggles. The wedding cake made my friends, handmade cufflinks for the boys, leather jackets with bridal gowns! Oh Stop It!

We sneaked down into the gardens, bringing the champagne with us ofcourse and captured our wedding portraits. Jam packed with personality, laughter, precious moments and Playfulness. I loved being a part of this care free love filled day. Peter and Mel shone, led the way with the fun and joy and it was clear to see that every guest was so happy for them.

These two are the perfect example of planning a beautiful day and then enjoying it, your way. Keep the traditions you like, get rids of the ones you don’t. Lead the way on the laughter, set the tone of the room with the jokes and the pranks and the funny poses. They ever once took themselves too seriously. Were always smiling and having a good time.

Thats how you do it folks.

Reflecting my awesome, relaxed and hilarious couple, their relationship and their day. Natural moments that truly tell the story of the day is what my wedding photography is all about. But I couldn’t leave without making use of the gorgeous georgian house and shooting some Variety style group shots of the boys and girls. It was pretty darn epic and I was sorry to leave and miss out on the dancing. Which I heard later was brilliant and Mel stunned us all with her new dance ‘falling over boogie’!

Peter and Mel truly painted their love, personalities and relationshp on the day. It was such a perfect reflection of them as a family, with so many sweet and funny details (like the table names!). The love and effort that went into the day was really special and I was completely honoured to be a part of it.

Check out thre rest of the day below and let me know if you are getting married at Leighinmohr House, I would love to shoot there again.

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