Why you should book a Couples Session

Let's take some time for just the two of you...

You know that a couples session (or engagement) is about more than just the images. They’re about forgetting the everyday rubbish and just enjoy being together. When was the last time you both took some time out to just be? To look into each others eyes deeply, to get the giggles, to remember why you first fell in love, to celebrate each other and the life you have built, together.

This is for you.

“But Why” I Hear You Say

For a lot of you guys, couples shoots or engagement photography sessions are your idea of a nightmare. I totally get it, the thought of having a camera pointed at you by a stranger is fairly unnerving. But the thing is, wouldn’t you love some photographs of you together, as a couple. Or maybe you’re completely up for the idea, but your partner is a little less convinced… Have no fear, let me tell you exactly why you should book a couples/engagement shoot.

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Real time together

We’re all busy, it’s a fast paced modern world we live in and time flies by, we forget to enjoy the little things, it’s unavoidable. We don’t get to spend as much time with the person we love as we’d like, or they deserve. Booking a couples shoot is commiting a beautiful few hours together, away from all the everyday faff that gets in the way of life. No technology, no distractions, just reconnecting with each other.


Rid yourself of the fear.

Though it isn’t fear is it? It’s apprehension. You don’t know what to expect. What if I make you do some cheesy poses? What if you have to fake smile for so long that your face hurts and your eyes glaze over? What if you feel awkward? Lets press pause for a moment. There will be no cheese on my shoots. No awkwardness. We’ll just have some banter, stand you in front of some cool buildings or scenery, and you’ll be together. Some photos will be taken, but you won’t mind. I will never ask you to do anything you are uncomfortable with. You will be so lost in each other you will forget I’m there. Promise.


Capture this moment in time

You know when you see a photo of something you’ve done together and realise ‘oh wow, that was FIVE YEARS AGO’. Then you do a little panic at how quickly time is passing (yeah, me too). You will never be at this point in your life again. You know when your grandparents or parents would let you look through their albums and how incredible it was to see them earlier in their lives. Thats the opportunity a couples session gives. So think about when you’re old and grey and have no photos of you together because you they were all on your Phone, then you upgraded and they were gone forever.

Feel Confident

Have you just said yes? Are you in the middle of the chaos of planning a wedding? Whether you’ve got a date booked or its just on the cards some time in the future, a couples session is basically a chilled out romantic practise. No pressure. When it’s time for my couples portraits on their wedding day, they’re not nervous in the slightest, they have already done this bit, they know me, we’re mates. Instead they’re free to just breathe, be in love and think about the fact that they’ve just married their best friend and how bloody epic that is. Plus you get stunning professional photographs of yourselves, you can see the connection jumping out of the image, the memories come flooding back. I have had couples use them for save the dates, as printed gifts for family, during the ceremony or dotted around the venue.

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Celebrate good times.

When I say celebrate, I freaking mean it. Anniversary, birthday, bought a house, giving the shoot as a gift, it’s a tuesday, whatever. In my books, you don’t really need a reason like those to celebrate. Just celebrate the fact that you have someone you love and they love you. Celebrate because they are special, because they give you that warm, fuzzy feeling in your belly. No need for poses, you guys stand together, I stand back and the magic happens.


ireland elopement photographer-northern ireland wedding photographer-northern ireland elopement photography-couples photoshoot

I want to meet you, photograph your faces, share in the love – book your session here!

And you can check out more beautiful couple session images on my blog here. But I am awful at blogging so keep up to date with my latest on my social handles. The Gram  – Facey-B and even occassionally Tweeter.




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