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Hello strangers and Happy New Year! The last leg of 2018 had me working right up until Christmas. Now I am back in the game and ready to blog of the loveliness that kept me so busy.

As a Northern Ireland newborn photographer I usually photography the little cherubs in the first 3 maybe 4 weeks of life. Thats when our little ones love to be wrapped up and the sleep pretty soundly. That doesn’t mean it cant be done a little later. Babies can still be wrapped, they will still sleep but best of all their amazing personailities start to shine through and I get to capture their adorable expressions and we have a nice chat and giggle. No seriously we do! Check out baby Adam. 9 weeks old and one of my favourite newborn sessions ever.

Babies first photoshoot

Ok well the first set of images he was having some trust issues. Totally understandable, we had only just met. But my goodness do they make for some funny, cute images. This little guy has the best expressions ever! He is a total open book, Adam is never going to be able to lie to his parents if he keeps this up. You just wait until you see the rest.

As a Northern Ireland newborn photographer I try to have as many wraps and back up plans in my arsenal ready to go so that if a baby seems uncomfortable or sometimes are a bit bloaty, I can change wraps, styles and shots to make sure we are capturing as many amazing images in our session time as possible. So I popped Adam into a new wrap and started capturing those adorable, teeny tiny toes!


These are always some of my favourite shots to get in every one of my newborn sessions. We were so lucky he didn’t cry once during our whole session, even being wrapped and bundled up, he was completely chill with the whole process. So I started the session with some darker moodier images, with warm,earthy tones and tried our a new french wrap (which I am in love with) and I got some lovely variety in that before I brightened the images and changed my wrap again.

Plus once he got used to me and we had some baby banter he started to give me the cutest smiles and funny looks. I had mum and dad on either side to keep him company and enjoy seeing their baby boy in all the sweet poses. I also showed them some basic wraps they could do at home because they said they had never seen him so calm and I even coaxed him into a nap. Naps are a perfect time to get lots of images in quick succession. This family ended up with a stunning, huge gallery with an epic range of images.

Cuteness Overload

Well you would think I would get used to the cuteness but it gets me everytime. Baby Adams newborn photoshoot was no different. In fact when he woke from his nap, he was happier than ever and gave us some ovary bursting adorable images. They read like a story, he first wakes, tries to remember where he is, who I am whats going on. Then there is a bit of confusion, even some threats of fisty cuffs (maybe my favourite from the session).


The rest of this northern ireland newborn photographers session with baby Adam was spent trying not to laugh to loud or quite frankly steal baby Adam away. The giggles and the funny faces and the general amazing personality that just explodes from this little guy is incredible. I fell head over heals. An you would too. Check out the rest of his amazing gallery and share the cuteness. It deserves to be awed and cooed over.


Enjoy and don’t forget to get in touch if you are interested in booking a session! Gift vouchers are also available.


Em x


2 thoughts on “Newborn Photographer Northern Ireland | Belfast Home Studio Session | Baby Adam”

  1. Hi Emma,

    Just wanted to enquire about a newborn /baby session. What availability do you have and also can family dog part take?
    If so what packages are available?

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Just fill out the form on my contact page and we can find a date that works for your newborn sesison. All the packages are shown on my newborn tab on the website and absolutely dogs can join in!

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