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Hello everyone welcome back to the blog. I am so excited to share these images from my recent newborn session with the bloody adorable baby Conor. His amazing auntie got in touch with me a few weeks ago and bought one of my Belfast Newborn Photographer vouchers. A complete surprise for his parents and a really special gift. With a newborn baby, unless you have pre booked it can seem like one of the last things on your mind after you have brought your precious little bundle home. I totally get it. You have enough to be getting on with right? So I love that Auntie Stephanie organise this amazing day and gave us all the opportunity to fawn over these images of baby Conor.

I wanted to keep the day and the style, super relaxed and a bit rustic. No perfect, smooth, creamy wraps. I wanted texture, modern, moody shadows and most importantly real moments. I created what I call ‘My Scruffy Wrap’ with visible knots and layered fabrics underneath. Mum was on hand watching with amazement as I wrapped Conor and said ‘thats an art in itself’. Which it totally is, I plan the wrap to be fluid during the shoot, so I can peek out an arm or a leg or fold the top down or flare bits out quickly and easily. And without disturbing Baby. Who was so comfy, yawning away and finding his cosy spot.

The cuteness

Too cute right? 15 days old and so so small. I traveled to his mum and dads house in Belfast with my assortment of wraps, fabrics, baskets and props for them to chose colour schemes from. This is such an easy option for parents, as long as there is room for all my bits and a nice big window I can shoot by for light. I always use natural light with my newborn sessions. I love the natural shadows and the soft glowy light it creates on newborn skin. Plus it is a lot easier moving around in a small space without lights and cables running about everywhere. My full selection of wraps and props are at my home studio in Belfast which allows more creative freedom. But it all depends on what suits my clients.

The process is relaxed, fun and we take plenty of breaks for feeding, cups of tea/coffee or just for cuddles when the little ones are being too cute for words and you just cant help yourself.

Prepare for the unexpected… Oh EVERYTHING’S fine

As a Belfast Newborn Photographer I have to be prepared for any situation with these little bundles of joy. We always try to organise our sessions to sync in with new babies routine, when they are most settled and content. However, as you can imagine or very well know, babies can be unpredictable. Sometimes they cry every time they are out of mums arms. In which case I keep mum in constant contact until they settle. There are the moments you are dying for baby to drift to sleep and they lay there wriggling with eyes wide open. Sometimes we decide to do a nude shot which is of course the time babies decides to pee!

Baby Conor though was pretty much a dream. He lay there perfectly happy while I wrapped him up, bundled up like a little bean. He lay cosy and comfy in the various props and gave us beautiful wide wondering eyes to capture and hilarious little yawns. Completely chill with the process.

The realness

As well as wrapped and posed shots I wanted to capture natural images, reflecting Conors personality and the little moments we were enjoying so much during the shoot. These can be over looked but I think they are just as precious. Wriggling around. Stretching his arms out when I freed them. Rolling into comfy positions (that sometimes dont look that comfy). And enjoying moving from being in my newborn crate to a big, luxurious fluffy mat (on top of a mountain of pillows). It gave me a great oppotunity to capture those sweet moments, that we might see everyday but never get to document. Plus get all those adorable detailed images, the little fingers, the toes. Oh my lordy I am obsessed with the little toes.


I was so happy to deliver Conors images to his mum and dad. They had A LOT to choose fromĀ  as I had so many favourites. Their online gallery was choc-a-bloc full of cuteness and their chosen selection is gorgeous. Stunning, natural, authentic newborn photography. I cannot wait to see them in print, which they assured me was happening ASAP. And the best bit? The grandparents also fell in in love with the images and are getting prints as well. I think that is why I love digital packages so much. One fee and you can print your beautiful, bespoke images as many times as you like. Definitely a bargain!

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