BE EPIC. Be adventurous

I love a Northern Ireland Engagement photoshoot. I love a good adventure. When I get an epic couple who asks me for both i reply HELL YES! That was pretty much how it went down for me with the amazing Rory and Christina. This epic couple hail from the States and love exploring the wild and stunning UK and Irish clifftops and castles. I slightly interrogated Rory on New York because it seems like such a cool city but from what he said I think i prefer our coasts and mountains. It made me realise all over again how lucky we are to have so much beauty and variety in one little Island. Coastlines, history, ruins, castles, mountains, forests, waterfalls, beaches, stunning skies and all in easy travel distance. We are spoiled rotten aren’t we! That’s the inspiration for our engagement photoshoot. What a session!


I have always said, when you put two people in love together, they do the work for you. No need for awkward poses, or choreographed versions of love. I just capture what I see. And these two  are a perfect example of that process, affectionate, intimate, sweet, honest and damn beautiful. Authentic images are the best, not only to capture but for my epic couples to look back on and know that it is an honest reflection of their story. We laughed, we walked, we admired the amazing view (what a day we had) and we got our geek on. From history, to travel, to Lord Of The Rings, we had the best time just getting to know each other and having fun.

Lets get creative

One of the best things about an engagement photoshoot is the time to be creative, Get weird, try something new and experiment with different angles, double exposures and shooting a few shot specifically to play around with in edit. And I love that my epic couples give me that freedom, that they trust me to always deliver a fantastic gallery, full of love and surprise. Surprise that they looks so cool, so epic and that their love jumps out of the image!

keeping it real

If you read my blogs or see my images, you know I like minimal posing on an engagement photoshoot. I am much more likely to ask you to stand in front of something or walk somewhere then create some intricate pose that puts us all on edge. Also I like my couples to talk, interact. I ask questions, we laugh, I practice my new dad jokes out. So I might ask you to sit, or hold a moment, look the other way. But that is about it. We keep it chill. I just love to work this way, my couples stay comfortable in front of the camera and the photographs just scream authentic, honest love. And that  is what we want!


I am so totally in love with this epic couple and their amazing engagement photoshoot gallery. Their reaction  when they received their gallery was perfection. Also it was a fantastic way to incorporate Rorys Irish heritage into the celebration and into their story. The images are going to be used and shown off to the full in their stunning ceremony next year in America and I cant wait. Proud is an understatement of how amazing these guys were in just a hour and a half or exploring. In most sessions I spend the first 15 minutes getting my guys to relax and get used to me clicking away. But these two were on it from the first second. It was heaven and I think it shows!






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