A perfect spring day in Belfast, it actually felt more like summer and this family photographer found herself wandering around the lovely Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon park with Clair, Roly and their gorgeous daughter Millie. We met at the Stables coffee shop, checked the map and set off.

Obviously as soon as I aw Millie I was in love. Those cupid bow lips and big blue eyes and the cheeks! Oh lordy the cheeks! Spring is such a perfect time for outdoor family sessions, flowers everywhere, lovely light and blooming trees. So many colours for gorgeous backdrops for my family photographer images.  We started with a nice casual walk around the park choosing which areas we liked and where little Millie would be blinded by the sun! Seriously I could do with a few of those days right now.

As you can see in the gallery below my love of newborn feet and toes has not diminished. But what I found myself drawn to most in these family session are the moments of connection. Of completely unfiltered love. We kept the session super documentary style and natural. No stuffy posing (you guys know how I hate that) or cheesey staged moments. I capture what is there and there is no need to put bells and whistles on it. It is perfect, individual and personal to every family. I capture the love you share, however you share it. Whether you are painfully shy or hate having your photo taken, I find ways to make families comfortable and we have fun so much that you forget that I am there clicking the shutter. I capture the moments that matter to you. Thats your story.


Now look at the cuteness of baby Millie with her awesome mum and dad!

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