Belfast newborn baby photography. Baby Mya . 12 days new.

Newborn Baby Photography has very quickly become my favourite sessions to capture. Whether they are 12 days old or 6 months old or more. Baby Photography is such a important step in your families journey. You are usually too sleep deprived and rushed off your feet to remember these moments, how small they are, their teeny hands and toes. Those first couple of weeks where everything is brand new. Experience and memory forming. It is pure magic.

Lucy brought the darling little Mya to my home studio in Belfast along with her mother Nuala. Straight off the bat I knew I wanted to capture all three generations of amazing women in one image, their hands hands that have in turn held the other the way Lucy now hold Mya. Hands play an important part in all my photography. The connections, strength and love they hold.

The Little Stories

This was also the first session of the new The Little Stories. I had made a creative decision to do things entirely my way, not what should be done, what has been done. But what hasn’t. Mixing technique and skills with feeling and instinct. Using new fabrics, props and styling the whole baby photography in a way that is beautiful, artistic and unique. To The Little Stories.

The beautiful red floral fabric is actually a scarf given to me by my little brother around 10 years ago, bought at the christmas markets in Manchester! I never wore it, so I kept it in a treasure box (I’m a sentimental lady). But I have been dying to use it for a newborn session and it did not disappoint! Plus Mya is half Mancunian so it was fate. Now it is requested in every baby girl session I photograph. I brought out the vintage lace I sourced in Manchester years ago, the embroidered chiffons. A vintage pillow whos twin I spotted in an episode of Downton Abbey.

Every session is bespoke to each family, I work with the newborns in my baby photography. Capturing their natural quirks and sweet facial expressions. The fact that so many of my clients are referals speaks for the work as much as the stunning images. Mya was a total angel, she slept through the entire session, opening her eyes only when Lucy was unwrapping her at the end.

Check out Myas gallery below full of smiles, wriggles and personality. And get in touch for your newborn photoshoot!



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