Ella + Erin | Home Studio Newborn session | Belfast

I truly love being a Newborn Photographer, the sessions are always amazing and this one is no different. These two little lovelies will melt your heart! I don’t think anything makes me giggle and coo like a newborn photography session. I have to constantly take a second or two just to stare at the cuteness and sigh and aww and wait for my ovaries to explode.


I was so happy to host these girls and their incredible mum Rosie in my home studio in South Belfast. The little cherubs were 7 days new on the day of the session and it was cuteness overload from the first minute. As you can see by the images Ella fell asleep as soon as I wrapped her. Erin on the other hand was too excited about her new surroundings. I did two different kinds of wraps on the twins, Erin liked having room for her hands to poke out. Those teeny tiny fingers! About 15 minutes into the session Erin also fell asleep and you can’t blame her it looks so comfy! But this gave me the perfect opportunity to move them into my big baby basket and create what I call my ying yang twins shot.

The thing I remember most from this Newborn Photography session is how Ella, no matter where we positioned them, always snuggled into her sister. Giving her little nudges and face cuddles and Erin smiled! And I thought of what an amazing connection these two beautiful little girls will always have with each other. A best friend from the very beginning. I always wanted a sister and it made me quite jealous to think of how these two will always have each other. To play with, to tell secrets to, to learn with, adventure with. In all the best things in life they will be there for each other.

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