Mid April felt like the end of July this year. And as this small wedding photographer strolled up to Clandeboye Estate I shrugged off my jacket, looked up to the brightest of blue skies and said a little thankyou to the weather overlords of Ireland. Clare and Paulies beautiful small wedding was my 3rd of the year and after the epic palarva that was 2020 all I wanted was for my couples to have the best of best days. I am so proud of all the couples who braved the ever changing restrictions. Who changed their dates, their guest list, their venues, their vendors over and over and never gave up.

Clare and Paulie not only changed their date but in the middle of a pandemic they managed to plan a whole other wedding. They chose to love. Love bodly. And screw waiting any longer to make this official! And best of all I got to shoot two unbelievable weddings with these two loveliest of lovelies.

Small Weddings

Small weddings are becoming more and more popular. Less pressure, less stress, a little less planning and so much more focus on the couple. No compromising, no less special than a big traditional wedding.  But the focus shifts. You get time. Time together, to enjoy the small moments and plenty more time to be with your nearest and dearest. And thanks to the sun Clare and Paulie had first dances outside in the courtyard. After their stunning humanist ceremony, which include, my favourite, hand fasting and an eternity candle.

This small wedding had a list of wonderful vendors, each of which added so much beauty to the day and the photographs. Clare wore a beautiful dress she sourced on ASOS wit the softest most delicate bespoke lace veil created by Rebakah at Visionary Veils . During the ceremony Clare Galway serenaded us all and Celebrant Cathy led the amazing humanist ceremony. If you are wondering where her stunning headpiece and earrings came from then you need to check out Gibson Bespoke! While Paulie was rocking an epic suit from Freddie Hatchet and ofcourse cufflinks from his beloved Nottingham Forest FC. Invitation art work was designed by the amazing Mel Carroll at UsFolk and the glorious dried boquets came from Shauna at Pixie and Piper Flowers.

Enjoy their stunning gallery!



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