Clare & Paulie’s Engagement Session at mahee island

An Engagement session, dancing at dusk in 5th century ruins in Ireland. Doesn’t get much more romantic and the photographs are epic. I always recommend and engagement session to my couples, even if you think it isn’t for you. It is such a good way to get an idea of what the portraits on your wedding day will be like, how I will get you to stand, or where to look, you’ll already know how to interpret my ramblings on your big day. It gives you an opportunity to see how easy and chilled out getting your photo taken is with me.

Engaged or not I have a blog on all the reason why you should book at enagement or couples session, which you can find here.

But more than that, you get to spend some quality time together and hilarious time with yours truly and to take an hour to adore each other. And to enjoy this exciting time of being engaged. No pressure. Just fun, laughing, dancing and those sweet quiet moments. To just be with each other, in anyway, anywhere that you like. Let the world dissappear. I will just happen to be there taking photos like a creep.


Clare and Paulie chose this gorgeous spot at Mahee Island, that they visit often. It is always nice to choose a spot that you have a connection with. Like the spectacular legends they are, they wanted to make the most out of their engagement session (you should too). They were up for all my ideas, brought their own and most importantly they just relaxed and had fun. No shoot or couple is the same. I made sure their engagement session reflected them as a couple. Cool, adventurous, carefree, silly faces, great style, playfulness, sweet moments and elegant yet casual romance.

Bloody beauts. Check out their stunning gallery below and adore.




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